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We design the best kitchens and bathrooms in and around Somerset.


Proud designers of bespoke kitchens and bathrooms

As part of our dedication to a fully bespoke service, we do not charge for our design or presentation services until the point of sale. Our aim is to be a sounding board for your ideas and a facilitator of the final product – We combine our 20+ years of knowledge with your vision to bring your kitchen and bathroom dreams to life, before arranging the fitting to turn it into a reality

 a turquoise bathroom with a free standing bathtub and wall height mirror


 a green kitchen with an island, gold accents and white countertops/

What to expect from our kitchen and bathroom design process

We appreciate that people are of different minds when it comes to kitchen and bathroom design. Some have clear-cut visions, while others have a more open-ended idea and might require outside ideas to make the most out of their property. Whichever camp you fall into, Somerset Kitchens Design Studio are happy to help you.

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With this in mind, our services are tailored to you and your preferences.

To arrange an in-person survey, or if you have any questions about bathroom or kitchen design in Bristol, please get in touch with us via our contact form or at 01174 625440.

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How we survey Kitchens and Bathrooms in Bristol and beyond

Somerset Kitchens Design Studio design services starts with a free in-person visit.

Far more than allowing us to take measurements, this is an opportunity for us to sit down with you and have a chat. It may be that you know exactly what you're looking for, or it could be that you're open to ideas. Our goal is as much about getting a sense of you and your tastes as it is getting the dimensions of your room.

We make it a point to bring some brochures from our partners with us on these visits, giving you some on-hand ideas.

These visits are entirely free – Whether you're based in Bristol, Birmingham or Brighton. You can arrange one via our contact form.

Kitchen Surveys   Bathroom Surveys



a tiled bathroom with marble and brown sink cabinets and a free standing bath




a white and wooden kitchen with a marbled counter island and white and wooden cabinets

How we design Kitchens and Bathrooms in Bristol and beyond

Once we have your measurements and a sense of what you like based on our survey, we get to work putting together a bespoke design for your kitchen or bathroom.

Each facet of our discussion will be used to put together a number of designs, drawings and 3D images, using the latest computer aided design software. Everything will be presented to you formally at our design studio.

Like with our survey services, our designs are free up until the point of sale.

Need bathroom or kitchen design in Bristol? Get in touch via our contact form to arrange a no-obligation survey.

Kitchen Design   Bathroom Design



Design studio

Our studio is where kitchens and bathrooms in Bristol are brought to life. Following our initial survey, we will present you with our designs.

Our 3D design software allows us to edit and tweak this in real-time during the presentation, providing you with a tangible sense of the finished product and allowing us to go over the finer details that would might otherwise be missed by relying on 2D drawings.

As well as this, you will have the opportunity browse the majority of our suppliers' goods.

Our Design Studio







Have you just moved into a new home or are you tired of your existing spaces? 

Your local provider of kitchen design in Bristol is only a form away. Reach out to us via the contact form and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, or call us at 01174 625440.

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