Kitchen Design Studio


Where we bring everything to life

Our kitchen and bathroom design studio forms the central hub of our services.

This is where we turn ideas into tangible concepts. We use industry-leading 3D modelling software to create detailed mock-ups of our kitchen and bathroom designs, allowing us to identify and address any potential issues before they can arise while giving you a concrete idea how the final product will look.

 a person sketching kitchen and bathroom layouts



We can articulate your kitchen and bathroom design ideas into digital form

The flexibility afforded by 3D modelling means we can make detailed changes as we refine the design, from swapping out appliances to changing the overall colour scheme.

Far more than simply displaying our suppliers' products, we have a wide range of appliances fully set up.

This allows our clients to get a real sense of their operation and how they ‘feel', far beyond what conventional showrooms are capable of.






Bringing your dream kitchens and bathrooms to life

Need a kitchen design in Bristol or beyond? Get in touch via our contact form to arrange a no-obligation survey or at 01174 625440.

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